Muscle Suit Every

The Muscle Suit Every is an Exoskeleton that assists in moving objects from the floor to chest level and in static tasks whose effort falls on the lumbar area.

The main mechanism of this equipment is a pneumatic muscle that, when activated, corrects the user’s posture and activates the quadriceps, distributing the weight (up to 25 kgf 100Nm) in such a way that the lower back is protected and that the maximum point of pressure supported by the vertebrae, never be exceeded.

↘ Characteristics

Light, simple and powerful

↘ Powerful

— Strong support
Assists movements with up to 25 kgf of auxiliary force

↘ Ecological

— Save energy
It doesn’t need electricity. Runs on compressed air for unlimited time use

↘ Light

— Wearable
Product weight: 3,8kg

↘ Simple

— Easy to wear
It doesn’t need any special skills. Put it in 10 seconds.

↘ Value

— Good price
Developed to enable purchase by families.

↘ Resistance

— Dust and water proof
Works outdoors or with water are not a problem.

↘ Certifications

Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC

Standard EN ISO 13482:2014

UNE ISO 13482:2014

↘ Applicability sectors

↘ Health

↘ Geriatrics

↘ Handling jobs

↘ Manual palletizing

↘ Logistics

↘ Agriculture

↘ Industry

↘ Hardware

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