iDR was born in 2012, innovating the market with home automation solutions: Domotics and technologically advanced products within the Robotics area, guaranteeing tailored training; after-sales services and specialized technical assistance.

Exclusively represents brands such as Teletask (Domótica) in Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique – since day one; Bumerania Robotics (Service Robots) in Portugal; and more recently Comau and INNOPHYS (Exoskeletons), also in Portugal.

This year, with the entry of new products, new perspectives and a vision of the future, iDR relaunches itself with a completely redesigned image and website, maintaining the mission of innovating, based on the values that are characteristic of us: Sustainability, Efficiency, Quality and Safety.

A new image, what does it mean for us?

This Rebranding, after more than a decade, means for us the passage to a new technologically advanced Era, affirming an identity and personality developed over time, which are now consolidated.

We would like to leave here a note of thanks to all the customers, suppliers and employees who crossed paths with us and with whom we shared the experiences that shaped us and brought us here.

Determined, futuristic and technical – these are the adjectives that best describe our new image and the personality we work with on a daily basis.

Our new face

The latest iDR logo has a modern, serious, urban, complex and unique design that we are very proud of. It was developed by the fantastic team at AXON Studio, who took on this challenge and presented us with solutions that made a perfect fit with the brand and identity we wanted.

This new face that we present to the world also reflects a new journey for our team, aligned with the challenges of the future.