↘ Who we are

Innovating the market since 2012 with solutions adapted to the needs of each client.

iDR – Domótica e Robotica, LDA is a company that belongs to the SNC Group.

SNC was born in 1997, within the industrial automation market, representing the company Fagor Automation, in Portugal.

Advanced Home Automation, Robotics and Exoskeletons solutions.

iDR was born in 2012, innovating the market with home automation solutions – Domotics and technologically advanced products within the Robotics area, guaranteeing tailor-made training; after-sales services and specialized technical assistance.

Represents brands such as Teletask (a Belgian company) in Portugal, Brazil, Angola and Mozambique; Bumerania Robotics (Spanish company) in Portugal; Comau (Italian company) and INNOPHYS (Japanese company) – Exoskeletons, also in Portugal.

Our objectives are to improve the reliability and efficiency of the installation, reduce energy consumption, increase safety and increase comfort.

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Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will revolutionize all sectors of the market, improving the consumer experience and ensuring greater levels of satisfaction.

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Exoskeletons are wearable structures that serve to increase the physical capabilities of humans by supporting and helping with movement.

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↘ Mission

Innovation, future and efficiency.


Our mission is to innovate, responsibly promoting technical knowledge and the latest technologies, with the aim of merging past, present and future, respecting values such as sustainability, efficiency, quality and safety.


Design a technologically advanced future with respect for social, ecological and professional principles.


↘ Sustainability
↘ Efficiency
↘ Quality
↘ Safety
↘ Innovation

↘ Benefits

Discover the advantages of working with iDR.

↘ Tailor-made training

↘ After sales services

↘ Specialized technical assistance

↘ Quality assurance

↘ Knowledge in the field of automation

↘ Certificates, Distinctions and Prizes

We are recognized
for our innovation.

1st Prize

Construction Innovation Awards 2014
From the magazines: Construir, Antreprojectos and Designer

Innovation in Construction Awards 2015
From the magazines: Construir, Antreprojectos and Designer

Innovation in Construction Awards 2016
From the magazines: Construir, Antreprojectos and Designer

Tektónica Innovation Award 2022 – Honorable Mention

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